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Arthouse House is the leading Tattoo Studio serving clients in Round Rock, TX. Our studio is a hub of creativity and mastery in tattoo artistry. Owned and operated by artists with over 20 years of experience from the USA and worldwide, we’re dedicated to crafting personalized custom designs in a space that values tattooing as a proper art form. Our expertise ensures every client receives a piece that is visually stunning and deeply meaningful.

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The History of Tattoos

A tattoo, derived from the Tahitian word ‘tatu’, is a form of body modification where a design is rendered onto the body by inserting indelible ink, dyes or pigments into the dermis layer of the skin. The history of tattoos in the USA about 130 years old when they primarily signified a sense of exoticism and were associated with sailors and rougher crowds. However, over the twentieth century, tattoos evolved from simply being a little-known curiosity to a prominent element in mainstream culture, popularized through the works of tattoo artists like Sailor Jerry and Ed Hardy. The 1950s saw the emergence of tattoos as common cultural references in films and literature, while modern tattoo trends lean towards intricate designs, minimalistic patterns, and meaningful symbols, carrying a significant shift away from the marginal and towards the center of American mainstream culture. Contemporary tattoos in the US serve multiple cultural purposes: as a form of self-expression or artistic statement, to signify group membership or personal beliefs, or as a means of embellishing one’s physical appearance. Providing a canvas for individual narratives, tattoos can collectively be seen as visual indicators of shifting cultural norms and societal trends within the American landscape. Thus, a tattoo, in its most fundamental sense, is not just body art, but also a cultural phenomenon that has evolved within American history and continues to be influenced by cultural trends and collective expressions.

Serving Round Rock, TX

At ArtHouse Tattoo Austin, we are passionate about our craft and dedicated to our clients. We consider tattooing an art form, emphasizing the importance of respect, patience, and enthusiasm. Our Texas-based studio offers free consultations for custom tattoo designs. With over two decades of tattooing experience, our artists bring diverse artistic backgrounds to their work. We foster a positive, serene environment, focusing on significant custom projects. As an artist-owned and operated studio, we prioritize creating unique tattoo experiences for each client.

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About Round Rock, TX

Round Rock, situated in the central part of Texas, is recognized for its historic and economic significance. Being part of the Greater Austin Metropolitan Area, it hosts renowned institutions including the headquarters of Dell and several major financial and healthcare companies. Known for its school system, it’s a preferred place for families to reside and grow. Round Rock’s vibrant community celebrates diverse cultures and heritage through yearly events. Additionally, its recreational facilities, spectacular parks, and an array of dining options add to the appeal. This regional hub masterfully blends southern charm with modern progression.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the age requirements for getting a tattoo in Round Rock, Texas?

The legal age for getting a tattoo in Round Rock, Texas, is 18 years of age.

How should I prepare for my tattoo appointment?

Before your appointment, ensure you are well-rested and have eaten a good meal. Avoid alcohol or blood thinners before your appointment, as they can increase bleeding. It’s also recommended to wear comfortable clothing that provides easy access to the area being tattooed.

What aftercare is needed for a tattoo?

Aftercare is crucial for a new tattoo. Keep the tattoo clean and moisturized. Follow the aftercare instructions provided by your tattoo artist, which typically include gently washing the tattoo with mild soap, applying a light layer of aftercare ointment or lotion, and avoiding sun exposure. Avoid swimming or soaking in water for the first few weeks. Contact your tattoo artist or healthcare provider for any signs of infection or other concerns.

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