Tattoo Safety Rules 101

When considering a new tattoo, the one thing you should never compromise on is your health. While surely remembering to discuss the design and the price, many tend to forget to inquire about the measures taken by the shop to ensure the absolute safety of the tattooing procedure you are about to experience. Don’t be shy about asking those questions, because you cannot afford not to! Was the equipment sterilized, or is it disposable? Were all the surfaces disinfected after the prior use? Is the biomedical waste being properly handled and discarded to prevent potential contamination? Look around you for clues: is the overall condition of the shop good? Does it appear clean? Do you see anyone sitting with their legs propped up, eating near their designated work area, or handling items other than tattoo equipment with gloved hands? If you have noticed anything that raises a red flag, then it’s best for you to walk away and try your luck at a different shop. Remember that despite the fact that a tattoo parlor must guarantee you the absolute safety of the procedure, sometimes their guarantee could be supported by nothing but a promise…

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